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Writing has always been one of Verna’s favorite things to do.  She is the author of the books "Jesus Christ God's Gift Of Love Our Hope Of Salvation, Prayer And Praise From Earth To Heaven, God's Amazing Grace, Goats Sheep and Wolves."  These books description can be found on her web page  http://biblebased.weebly.com/.  Verna does not claim to be an expert in the field of health, but knows enough to know that prescription drugs is not always the best option for the sick, that there are more natural ways of assisting the body to heal itself.  Verna is writing about health because she has a passion to see people as healthy as they can be, and she does not like seeing sick people fed prescription drugs, including over the counter drugs, when if they were given a prescription of good healthy diet by their doctor, such as sunlight, water, and other natural remedies the problem could easily be solved.  Verna is tired of seeing pharmaceutical companies pushing their poison on the population with all of its bad side effects, that in due season, will destroy their health and lead them to the grave faster.  Verna hopes to make a positive difference in the lives of those who read her articles on healthy living.


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    Tomorrow May Be Too Late - Song Lyrics - Gospel

    2 years ago

    TOMORROW MAY BE TOO LATE Written by Verna E. MacKay June 11, 2012 Today, when you hear His voice calling you Do not harden, do not harden your heart. For tomorrow, may be too late If you turn your heart...

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